Monday, August 31, 2009

Auction Items

Well the day is here! The Dinner and Silent Auction are tonight! I am scared yet relieved that the day is finally here. There were a few Etsy and Artfire artist that contributed to this basket I put together. Some by donations other items were purchased because they fit in with our school mascot.

Here's the list of shops included in the basket ~

Etsy & Artfire Handmade Items

Panthers Wooden Sign ~
Glow in the Dark Panther Ornament ~
Gold Star & Cards ~
Panther Vinyl Window Decal ~
Football & Volleyball Ornaments ~
Beaded Butterfly Barrette ~
Fall Leaves Greeting Cards ~
Panther Wine Charms & Keychain ~

THANK YOU to all of you wonderful Etsy & Artfire sellers!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Etsy Twitter Shop of the Week - Firebirdhouse Designs

Kristen Evans, the owner of Firebirdhouse Designs, loves creating unique jewelry designs and textiles from vintage and new components, as well as recycled/repurposed vintage pieces and fabrics.

Originally a fine artist, Kristen says " I love turning beautiful things with history into useable and wearable art and that really began to be the core of my inspiration. I like the challenges that come with recycling and reusing in new ways." (to read more please see the Etsy Twitter Team Blog)

Buy Handmade

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Need some help....

I am now a part of the Panther Pride Athletic Association! YAY! We are a group of parents that are helping the student athletes at our local public school raise money for jerseys and other miscellaneous sports items they are in need of. One of our fundraisers is going to be a dinner and silent auction. This will be held in Early September. My goal is to put together a Etsy/Artfire gift basket. I am in need of some generous sellers though! Donations are greatly appreciated but I will also be purchasing a few items to add to the basket.

The school colors are black and gold. The mascot is a Panther. All store information (web addresses, item donated etc...) will be typed up for easy access for the basket winner. I will be taking pictures of the basket and the dinner event.

If you are interested please contact me through this e-mail or through the convos on etsy or artfire.