Sunday, July 27, 2008

The WORST BEST day of my life!

Friday started out with hubby and I dropping the kids off with my mother in law. Everything is going great but there's that little nagging feeling of something about to happen. I just ignore it. NOTHING is going to ruin this day!

3:00 rolls around. We are sitting on the lawn at the radio station and hubby and I (along with 18 other people) are listening to CandleBox play . When they get done we get to actually MEET them and chat for a bit! Again little nagging feeling comes along trying to ruin my day. I just ignore it as Kevin (singer) chats us up about myspace. :) It was the BEST feeling. (I still get excited thinking about it!)

We then head to The Knitting Factory to sit and wait for FOUR hours just so we could get a table for the show. (Sweet Potato fries with Maple Syurp Butter is delicious & that little naggin feeling left as I ate these!)

8:00 rolls around and we finally get in to get us our tables. Between our 2 groups we had a total of 5 mini tables. (big enough to hold 3 drinks and a shirt - lol) Show starts and there are 3 lead up bands before we get to see Candlebox perform their whole show.

As the bands play on and the drinks flow freely that little feeling comes back again. As I sit there next to the radio guys and my brother I see my brothers wife and my hubby's sister walking upstairs. I thought to myself I should go join them. Maybe the more sober one needed help with the other one. *little nagging from earlier that day was getting stronger* Then I thought naw......I'll sit here and enjoy my Mike's a little bit longer.

Then as London Get Down was finishing up their part, *it* happened! I got a text not even 2 mintues after thinking of joining my SIL's. The more sober one had slipped on the steps (two lights were out and you couldn't see the bottom step) and BROKE her ankle!!! *little nagging feeling is replaced with worry and guilt* Not only was she part way in the isle but it was the only public walkway to the smoking area. People were mad. It was sad that she had to not only deal with the pain of her ankle (which she had to go through surgey for) but she also had to sit there and listen to people sling racial remarks, and also deal with the club's representatives who were trying to get her to sign papers. (she refused and told them she would come back when she could read them properly)

By the time I walked her to the ambulance and got back to my table (that SIL was our ride home!) CandleBox was getting ready to come on stage. After a couple more drinks my nerves were calmed down enough to actually sit and watch the show.

We didn't make it home until well after 3 am. So even though it was one of the worst nights of my life it was also one of the best nights of my life. :)

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