Saturday, October 25, 2008

Road Trip!

Our little trip to Forks was great! Not only did we get lost a few times, but we actually had fun *while* getting lost! :)

It was a long long drive on the way to Sequim. That's where we stayed the first night. Thursday morning we were on our way to Forks!
As soon as we got there we stopped at Sulley's. The Bella burger would have been better without the pineapple on it. But it was good.

Next we went to the Grocery Store and Forks Outfitters. Spent way too much money. They were out of Edward stuff, but I got a nice Team Jacob sweater.

Next we went to the Chamber and got our offical Twilight vistior packs. They have Twilight trivia for each book and city maps with each place marked on it.

Next stop was Bella's house.

Then we moved on to the Hospital.

Then the high school.

There is a really great scrapbook store near the school. The owner was so helpful! It was here that I noticed my cell phone was missing! So we took off retracing our steps. I had only gotten out of the car 3 times since I last used it. Didn't find it though.
So we headed on to the Cullens house. These people are great! They let people go up to their house to take pictures. It's actually a bed and breakfast. So if you're in Forks you can stay at the Cullens house! :)

Then we headed to the "meadow". It was while snapping this picture my friend got a text from *MY* cell phone saying it was found! YAY!!! We hurried back to Forks to meet up with the wonderful guys who decided to return my cell phone.

Then we headed back torward LaPush. That is where I took the most pictures. It's so beautiful there! I wish I had more time to just sit on the beach.


  1. These sceneries look excellent.Where are they from?

  2. Most of the are from Forks, WA and the ones of the ocean are from LaPush, WA.